Hello, Welcome to Betforum.NG. We are happy to have you here. My name is Fatibobo; before you proceed to the forum please read the following information. Thank you


NOTE: Betforum.NG is not a prediction site, neither is it a bookmaker(bookmakers are companies like bet9ja, nairabet etc.)

Betforum.NG is a meeting place for bettors and football lovers to talk about the business of betting and the beautiful game of football.

Often times you find out that you cannot upload betslip on facebook or any social networking site because people will begin to look at you somehow. That is one of the problems Betforum.NG has come to solve. Upload you stuff here, no one will judge you because we are all in the same hustle.
Betting is like tom-tom. It is sweet when you win money, and bitter when you lose. This is another reason for this platform – to help reduce the amount of loses.
Betting is big business; bet companies like bet9ja, nairabet, baba ijebu, western loto and the rest of them rake in millions of Nigeria every week. This money is from you and me. We can reduce loses and increase our winnings by working together.

- Upload snapshot of your propose games on the forum.
- Upload snapshot of your betslip
- Join forum members to analyse their proposed games
- Feel free to play any game or slip uploaded by forum members that like you like
- Feel free to talk about the beautiful game of football or any other sport.
- Feel very free to donate to referee Fatibobo and his team when you start winning lots of cash. Ahoo!

NOTE: A user can get SUSPENDED or BANNED from the forum for the following reasons:

-For using abusive words on forum members – We must learn to respect and tolerate each other ;
-For uploading irrelevant pictures (this is not facebook) –
-For insulting the betforum Admins(Referee Fatibobo and his team) who work tirelessly to keep the forum going –
-For posting adverts of sure games (because we know there is no sure game. Fatibobo has been in this for many years) – Instant

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My name is Fatibobo (as in Orobo)
I have lost so much money in this betting business. A lot of times it is one game that cuts the tickets. I have also won so much money; I have won N200k with ordinary N100. So you see, betting is indeed like tom-tom (sweet and bitter).
If we use this platform properly to help each other, every weekend will be holiday for us.
Once again my name is Fatibobo, I am the moderator of Betforum.NG. You can call me Referee Fatibobo…I am a troublemaker and an Orobo. You can talk to me directly on 07050598343
Our hustle must pay this year! Let somebody say Amen…

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